How many cameras do we need? 29 says Waymo.

In 2016 we wrote an article titled “what are all these automotive cameras doing?” about how and where we saw automotive cameras being integrated into consumer vehicles. At the time, we counted 12 cameras in the vehicle. The latest Tesla vehicles actually come pretty close. A new Tesla today has 9 cameras on board: 3 front cameras with different fields of view, 4 on the sides, 1 on the rear, and then there’s a new in-cabin camera just above the rear-view mirror.

Giving a car about 10 eyes seems like it should be enough. After all, humans can safely operate a vehicle with just two eyes. And even if you only have one functioning eye, you can still legally operate a vehicle in most countries without needing extra measures. But recently Waymo announced that their latest vehicles have no less than 29 cameras on board.

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Updated overview of ADAS acronyms

To help you navigate the many acronyms that are in use in the automotive industry, we’ve compiled a helpful list of definitions below. We’ve posted an overview of acronyms before, but we’ve extended and refined the list again.
Recently, the SAE association and partner organizations such as the AAA, J.D. Power, and Consumer reports released a document that presents a common naming for ADAS functions. The list is meant to aid in reducing driver confusion and define the functions of ADAS in a consistent manner. We have labelled those terms in our list with an “(SAE official term)” marker.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional ones you’d like to see added to this list.

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Yes, we are still expanding!

Looking for a position where you can learn a lot and make a big impact at the same time?

We’ve added several people to our team in the past few months but are still looking for additional stellar hardware and software engineers to add to our staff at our headquarters in Hannover, Germany. Do you think you can keep up with the pace of the rest of our team? Interested in taking on a challenge? Do you have experience in deep learning, embedded processing, low power parallel architectures, or performance optimization? We’d love to hear from you.

See our open positions and shoot us a message.

Industry news

Continental and Pioneer Partner for a New User Experience
Continental and Pioneer have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Their integrated infotainment solution means both partners create a holistic user experience that is specially aimed at the Asian market. Continental integrates Pioneer’s entire infotainment subdomain into its high-performance computer for vehicle cockpits as part of the agreement.
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Computer vision research continues
The ECCV and CVPR conferences are going ahead as 100% online events. CVPR, the largest conference of its kind, unveils the latest research spanning the fields of computer vision, deep learning, artificial intelligence, image compression, pattern analysis, and beyond. This year’s conference convenes from 14-19 June. The European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), running from 23-28 August, is the top European conference in the image analysis area. More about CVPR and ECCV.

Upcoming events

All our upcoming face-to-face events have been cancelled. Schedule an online meeting with us by sending an email to We’re always interested in discussing your automotive sensing solutions and visual compute SOC design ideas and challenges. We look forward to talking with you!

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